SCA statement regarding the Javelin Park incinerator

SCA is committed to re-using, transforming and re-incorporating all waste material arising from the activity of farming. Other waste material – plastic, old wire, glass etc. – is kept to a minimum and recycled. Care is always taken to ensure that lethal toxins are not released into the atmosphere or water courses. SCA strongly supports efforts throughout the region and across the world to reduce the amount of waste produced, to recycle and compost as much as possible and to prevent the release of toxic fluids, fumes and radiation into the environment.

There is very little that we can do about the pollution blown in on the wind. Along with everyone else we as a community farm also suffer from it. We believe however that our farming approach can help mitigate these effects by producing strong and resilient animals and plants, microbes that detoxify the soil and food that is full of vitality.