Aleks Osinska

Community Building update

The work on the community building is still progressing steadily. Recently we have been working on lighting. We are installing 12v LED lights which are powered by a battery charged by a solar panel. Other jobs that still need doing are: installing a wood burner (any HETAS approved installers out there want to help?),  applying […]

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News from Stroud Micro Diary

Stroud Micro Dairy is becoming a reality and come March 201 7 raw milk, yogurt and kefir will flow. It is exciting to be a new addition to the Community Supported Agriculture family in Stroud; instead of veg shares, ours will be milk. As Oakbrook farm (the new plot of land that is home to […]

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SCA Barn Dance

Hey, hey! We would like to invite you to our annual BARN DANCE event. It will be held on the 10th of September at our Brookthorpe Farm.  The gates open at 3:00 PM. There will be a barbecue (from 5:30-7:00PM) and a bar. Kid’s dancing starts at 4:00PM and adult dancing will be from 7:00PM.  Entry: Adults […]

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Starter farm is up and running!

When I last wrote, the space designated for the starter farm was still a featureless bit of field covered in short wintry grass. What a change!First came Sam with the muckspreader; then a local farmer with a plough, carving out two squares of brown earth in the expanse of green; then Sylvie and me with […]

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Starter Farm update

It feels to me like time’s speeding up. Talking to people about the starter farm, I’ve been blithely saying “in the spring”, with something of the feeling of saying “when I grow up” ­ a sort of future “once upon a time”. As we head into the depths of winter, that’s changed – suddenly, the […]

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