Starter Farm

Starter farm is up and running!

When I last wrote, the space designated for the starter farm was still a featureless bit of field covered in short wintry grass. What a change!First came Sam with the muckspreader; then a local farmer with a plough, carving out two squares of brown earth in the expanse of green; then Sylvie and me with […]

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Starter Farm update

It feels to me like time’s speeding up. Talking to people about the starter farm, I’ve been blithely saying “in the spring”, with something of the feeling of saying “when I grow up” ­ a sort of future “once upon a time”. As we head into the depths of winter, that’s changed – suddenly, the […]

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Starter Farm Open Meeting

The SCA Starter Farm needs a small group of people who can help us to get the project off the ground, including finding land, fundraising, etc. We're having our first group meeting on Wednesday 18th March at 7:00pm. Please email, or contact Clare (07837024552) or Sylvie (07732487837) if you're interested to come and join […]

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