Land wanted for SCA Starter Farm

We are trying to set up a starter farm for our apprentices to graduate on to, where they will be supported to develop their skills by the main farm, ready for them to grow into a career in farming. Please email or call Clare on 07837024552 or Sylvie on 07732487837

We are really pleased to be working on this because the apprentices we have had over the years are motivated, hard working, value driven people, often young, the very people we would love to see stewarding land and feeding people in the future.



Stroud Community Agriculture (SCA) are looking to rent

2 to 5 acres of land for our new project:

a biodynamic “starter farm”.


SCA is a community supported farm which has been successfully running for over a decade.

The starter farm project is a new initiative, aiming to give young growers

the opportunity to produce crops and run a business independently,

with support from SCA for mentoring and sales.


We are looking for land:

–       for vegetable production

–       in the Stroud area (within 5 miles of SCA’s current sites at Hawkwood and Brookthorpe)

–       with vehicle access

–       with existing or easy to install water supply


Please email

or call Clare on 07837024552

or Sylvie on 07732487837

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